Tenth Colloquium

Big Data and its Impact on Financial Services

Date: 12 November 2015, from approx 1.20pm to 6.15pm followed by networking.

Big Data is a subject of great interest in financial services as companies consider the ways in which the volume of data created by the digital era and the growth of social media may be harnessed to create competitive advantage in their business areas. In this Colloquium, we will try to understand the opportunities that new developments in Data Science and Big Data hold for the financial sector, the challenges that will have to be met, and some of the risks posed.  Confirmed contributors to the Colloquium include:

  • Jeff Richmond, Oracle
  • Dr Pierre-Andre Maugis, UCL
  • Samantha MacCuish, PwC
  • Dr Richard Davis, Lloyds Banking Group
  • Pierre du Toit, Vitality (UK)

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The Colloquium Agenda



Registration and coffee

Welcome - Professor Alexander McNeil, Director, Scottish Financial Risk Academy

Session 1


Demystifying Big Data - Jeff Richmond, Cloud Enterprise Architecture, Oracle UK

  • New data types and origins
  • Concept of lifecycle of data
  • Infrastructure & challenges of handling data
  • Talent needs
  • Impact of the regulatory environment
  • Risk
  • Knowing your customer
  • Democratisation of data

An Academic View of Big Data and Big Science - Dr Pierre-Andre Maugis, Dept of Statistical Science and Big Data Institute, UCL

  • The Big Data Institute: A platform where Big Data profesionals and academics interact
  • Big Data, big problems: The Risks and potentials of big data in academia
  • Big Data, small models: Why, sometimes, smaller is better


Coffee and networking

  Session 2


Customer Behaviour Analytics: Predicting Product Persistency using Big Data - Samantha MacCuish, Senior Manager, Data - IT Risk Assurance, PwC

  • Outlining the Objective: What do you want your data to tell you?
  • Data Mining: Finding the best data through attribute analysis
  • Modelling Data: The outputs
  • Insight: Drawing knowledge from your data

Big Risks Need Big Data - Dr Richard Davis, Head of Analytics, Lloyds Banking Group

  • Techniques and practices for using big data, including machine learning methodologies
  • Applications in Credit Risk
  • Applications in Fraud Risk
  • Applications in Cyber Risk

Using Big Data to Enhance and Protect Lives - Pierre du Toit, Head of Big Data Analytics, Vitality (UK)

  • Big data analytics in health insurance
  • Creating shared value
  • Applications that benefit the customer
  • Applications that benefit the insurer
  Session 3

Panel Session - Chaired by Darran Gardner, The Data Lab

  • Q&A and Discussion - All


Networking to 7.15pm

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